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Sales List
  Updated, with new " I now have 5 horses " prices!

        Customs (Sporting the usual sanded seams and carved ears)

  1. champagneISH.jpg (79858 bytes)   champISHheads.jpg (68415 bytes)  champISHhip.jpg (45587 bytes)
    "CR Babe in Shades", Stone ISH, made into a mare, and repainted as a Gold Champagne. She has all the required "champagne" characteristics: metallic sheen to her coat with reverse dappling, amber eyes, mottling on the nose and around the eyes, and that great pink skin! She is the long mane/long tail version.  LSQ $160.00 ppd. Sold!!

  2. sabinoclyde.jpg (94715 bytes)   sabinoclydeheads.jpg (99632 bytes) "Samson's Folly", Breyer's Clydesdale mare remade into a gelding and repainted a wild bay roan sabino overo! He sports a beautiful blue eye and lots of subtle shading.  LSQ $170.00 ppd.

  3. sabinodomingo.jpg (69268 bytes)   sabinodomingohead.jpg (57650 bytes) "RimFire Too", Breyer's ever popular San Domingo mold with a resculpted mane and forelock. He is repainted into a red roan sabino overo with 2 blue eyes and is sure to be noticed!   LSQ $125.00 ppd.


     Breyer Original Finish
**These prices do not include postage & insurance**
           ** Most of these have pictures available, email for specifics **

      Stone Original Finish


       Want List

Thank you for taking the time to look at my sales list!

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  Last Updated 8/15/05