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About Us
Round 2It Ranch and Rocking J Ranch


Hello, and welcome to the Rocking J Ranch. My name is Barbara Prestridge, 
formerly Barbara Jones, and I have been collecting original finish models and 
customizing models for over 30 years. Beginning in 1995 I had the pleasure of adding
 Peter Stone models to my collection, and began customizing them also, along with an occasional resin.

 I painted my first model, a Family Arabian Stallion, with a can of black spray paint when I was 7 years old. I have never looked back !!..... "J" horses, as they are called, have continually shown their value in the show ring. I have also created portrait models of that favorite family horse or pet.

I am a full time teacher, of 2nd grade, and have 4 children. I have discontinued taking custom orders at this time, but you will find I occasionally have customs for sale, along
 with my original finish models. I also put models up on  periodically, so that can be another way of purchasing a "J" horse. Just run a seller search for "rockhorsesrock". I have re-entered the world of real horses a few years ago, and purchased a beautiful palomino quarter horse, The Gold King, AKA Bo, so I now find I want to spend all my free time riding, rather than painting! The other news is that I now have 3 foals from my Paint Mare, Kenos April Fool, AKA Coco, so there is also the time necessary for
spending time with the babies. My breeding goals call for me to keep any fillies that are born,
but sell any colts that arrive, so please keep an occasional eye on our real live Horses for Sale page.