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Training Tips by Andrea

Did You Know?


1) Where is the safest place to stand if a horse kicks at you?

Right up against the horse’s rear end. Why? Because the horse does not have close range power, you are safest before it gains velocity and the power of a kick is in the extension of the leg.

2)When a horse bucks, how to make it stop?

You should pull its head to the side. Why? Because by pulling the horse’s head to the side you have taken away its power of balance, making it very difficult to continue bucking.

3) What to do when a horse rears?

You should with one hand put the reins up as far as you can and lean forward. With the other hand smack the horse’s rear end and squeeze it forward. Why? Because a horse only rears when it has stopped going forward and if you keep it going in a forward motion it cannot rear.

4) Did you know why getting angry at a horse is soooo detrimental?

Because when you blow at a horse you bring out one of two natural instinctive behaviours, flight or fight!! Both of these can be dangerous and harmful for both horse and rider!

5) Did you know why we have diagonals?

To keep better balance between horse and rider!

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Last Updatead 3/18/04